How to Volunteer

  • Prep work

    • Get an International Drivers Permit

      • Bring your active driver's license and two 2x2" photo printouts

      • IDP costs $20

    • Pack a backpack for a camping trip

      • Sleeping Bag

      • Hygiene Products

      • Solar Panel Charger

    • Bring Cash

      • Due to USD being withdrawn in mass, the ATMs there in Poland may not have enough USD cash for travelers and fluctuating conditions may not allow for a steady internet connection to process debit/credit card payments

  • Go to Warsaw, Poland

  • Head to the Przemsyl

    • Take a bus $ (~6+ Hours)

    • Take the IC/IC train $ (~6+ Hours)

    • Take a taxi $$$ (~5 Hours)

  • Head to the Medyka Border (Approx 8 Miles East)

    • From Warsaw

    • From Przemsyl

      • Take a bus

      • Take a taxi

      • Purchase a bicycle and bike there

      • Purchase a vehicle (Motorbike / Motorcycle/ Car & drive there)

  • We'll be located at the border (Exact Coordinates TBD)

    • We have tent space and some beds (Up to 8 people)